Dance Dimensions was created in 1998 by Jen Naso Marinis. Since day one, Jen and her staff have built the foundation of the studio based on these simple principles: correct dance training, family, and self worth. The mission of the studio is to provide quality dance and performance education to all of our students. The staff is committed to giving every student a complete dance education for their level and enhancing their self-esteem and confidence. We are proud to be our students mentors and also teach them life long lessons. For many of our students, the studio is their second home and the staff and fellow dancers are their second family.




This class will teach the students the disciplines of tap, ballet, and acrobatics/jazz.


This class will give a more intense and comprehensive study of ballet and jazz, tap, or hip/hop preparing them for a higher level.


The foundation of dance, will teach the student proper alignment and technique, which can be used in all dance forms.


A beginner class for Acrobatics. This class teaches the basics of acrobatics while still focusing on strength and flexibility.


This class is designed to give the student a solid curriculum of show tap, soft shoe tap, rhythmic tap and some styles of street tap.


This class will teach expressive movement that flows in continuity and requires a strong background in ballet and jazz.


This class will teach expressive movement that flows in continuity and requires a strong background in ballet and jazz.


A fun approach to urban dance. Technique and style varies from street dance to what’s seen on MTV, VH1, and award shows.


This class will focus on breathing, posture, and exploring the student’s emotions through their dance movement.


This class is designed to teach students proper technique, rhythm, flexibility, and performance skills.


Students will learn proper technique, tricks and performance skills at an accelerated rate.


A fun approach to urban dance. Technique and style varies from street dance to what’s seen on MTV, VH1, and award shows.


Greg & Julie Golonka

Jen and her staff are professional, respectful, and passionate about dance. They give each dancer a quality, safe, and positive dance education. We have been at the studio for 9 years and have been very impressed with the way that the staff truly cares for each one of their students. In addition to a strong dance program, they remind each and every one of their students to respect themselves. What wonderful role models they are! Our daughters love Dance Dimensions…and so do we!

Pam E.

My daughter has been dancing at Dance Dimensions for 6 years. I am not only impressed with the progress that I have seen in her dance technique each year, but also with the comradery that is encouraged by the studio staff. As the world continues in many ways to teach a ‘me first’ attitude, Jen and all of the instructors, promote team spirit, sportsmanship, and good moral conduct in addition to advancement and high standards in dance technique. I am thoroughly impressed with the ‘Dance Dimensions family.’ They are a class act both on and off the stage!


The care and support that the Dance Dimensions staff provides to all the girls (toddlers to teens) at the studio is heartfelt and genuine. The staff constantly encourages the girls to take pride in everything they do and always represent themselves in an appropriate manner. Not just while dancing but at home, at school, with their friends, even how their “cyber world” is a reflection of who they are. There are a lot of places that can teach our daughter how to dance but not all of them reinforce the positive values that we instill in her.

Antoinette Starkey

My daughter Makenzie has been taking dance classes at Dance Dimensions for the last 7 years. Over this time, I have seen my daughter’s love for Dance, Dance Dimensions and her instructors grow tremendously. Jen and the instructors are such wonderful role models to these dancers. All the instructors bring their own unique dance backgrounds to the studio which allows the students to learn from the best! Dance Dimensions puts on the most amazingly entertaining recitals. Their dancers range from young to old and are all phenomenal to watch! Jen and her staff truly represent and genuinely care for their dancers. Over the years I have grown such respect for all that they do. I am so glad that Makenzie is part of this fabulous dance family!

Leneigh White & Insoo Hyun

Switching from our former studio to Dance Dimensions was on of the best decisions we ever made for our child. She has grown up in this studio where she has not only learned to dance at a competitive level, but has learned the value of commitment, team work, resilience, and hard work. Not only have the instructors at Dance Dimensions helped her excel at dance, they’ve helped build her character in ways that will benefit her in every aspect of life.

Kelly Preseren

Dance Dimensions has been a part of my daughters lives since they were preschoolers. They have not only improved their dance technique, but have learned about respect for themselves and others. Jen and her staff teach doing your best is more important than winning titles!I love that Jen and the staff allow and encourage the girls to do other things outside of dance! It’s something I have not experienced in other organizations. Truly an amazing place for kids. I couldn’t be happier to be part of the Dance Dimensions family.



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